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Where you go to grow

Seity Health was created by physicians, psychologists, educators, artists, and a host of other experts to help people discover their unique Core Values and then coach them to live out those values in every part of their lives: at work, at school, and at home. Organizations of all kinds—companies, school systems, healthcare, and more—see engagement skyrocket. This improved engagement improves all kinds of outcomes, including productivity, safety, attendance, test scores, and morale.
Audra Casanova
When I came across Seity I was floored to see its potential.
Seity puts fuel to the fire...and is truly accessible to anyone and everyone.
Audra Casanova
Teacher, MTSS Project Coordinator
Lynn Groenveld
Knowing their Core Values has made a huge impact on the students. The Seity program has given them a way to recover emotionally and see the good within themselves.
Lynn Groenveld
Alternative Education Teacher
Breelyn Dupertius
My 'aha moment' was not what I scored low on, but rather what I scored high on! [I also] feel more balanced in my life.
Breelyn Dupertius
COVID-19 Ripple Effect

A crisis in a crisis

Even before the pandemic, your people were in the middle of the biggest mental health crisis in history. Now we face a crisis in a crisis as COVID mitigation measures required families to isolate themselves. Social isolation triples the risk for anxiety and depression—and that risk persists for nine years after isolation ends.

How Seity Works

Where you go to grow

Seity was founded by physicians who saw firsthand the limitations of the modern approach to health and wellbeing. Drawing from their experience in medical practice, the doctors brought together an interdisciplinary team of experts. That team built Seity's three stage process to simplify how educators can improve outcomes for students.

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Our innovative, app-driven approach simplifies the gathering of the behavioral and psychological factors that impede overall wellbeing. Our assessment identifies unique Core Values for every person.
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Growth and change are hard. Our coaching model connects changes in behavior and framing to each person's unique Core Values. Our best motivation will always come from our unique, personal Core Values.
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Enhanced Outcomes

When people live out their Core Values in every aspect of their lives, motivation increases while maladaptive behaviors decrease.
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Here's The Goods

Our Clients See Results

Using 10 years of program data from our actual clients we have seen stunning outcomes enabled by our program.

We help amplify the positive

A woman meditates

35% → 68%

I know who I am on the inside.

A woman holds a cup of coffee

40% → 65%

I am confident about my life's direction.

A person jumps in front of mountains

50% → 63%

I have higher levels of energy.

We help reduce the negative

A man sits in a chair

41% → 29%

I have high blood pressure.

A woman looks disheveled

66% → 38%

I have high anxiety.

A man looks pensively at his phone

71% → 48%

I am stressed about my finances.

Join the Wellbeing Movement!

Fill out the form below to find out more about how Seity Health can unlock the best in your people. For schools, we have the exciting Lifeguard Initiative rolling out to California Districts in collaboration with the Stanislaus County Office of Education. For workplaces, Seity Health has an innovative wellbeing program that empowers every employee.

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