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About Us

Hello, we’re Seity

Seity is an old word that means the nuanced and unique parts of your individual personality and makeup. That is the essence of what Seity Health—along with its tools and assessment—can do.

Seity Health was founded by Dr. Sam Romeo, Dr. Chris Hawley, and Dr. Mike Romeo when they saw firsthand the limitations of the modern approach to health and wellbeing. Drawing from their experience in medical practice, the doctors brought together an interdisciplinary team of experts. That team built Seity's three stage process to simplify how people can improve their lives in a holistic way that includes that person's world, body, mind, and spirit.

The team at Seity has spent two decades in research to create something truly revolutionary. Using science as its backbone, this holistic approach operates very differently than other options available today.

15 years
We have been researching with our clients and their teams for over fifteen years.
3 doctors
Our founders created Seity after seeing how the limitations of modern approaches to wellbeing were affecting their patients.
100 million
We want to assess 100 million core values by 2025. It is a big goal, and we are getting closer every day.