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We see 
We see organizational health + transformation differently.
Seity Health is an innovative, science-and-socially-proven wellbeing system
to inspire personal + organizational change.
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senior sales director
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Garrett P.
senior sales director
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It’s time to look beyond wellness platforms…

Seity Health is a system + service developed for the whole health revolution.

Seity was founded by physicians who saw firsthand the limitations of typical approaches to wellness. With diverse medical practices — from inner-city LA to elite sports medicine — the doctors saw that people of all backgrounds lacked the same thing: a proactive, integrated approach to living well.

Together with an interdisciplinary team of experts, they built Seity's innovative whole health program to simplify how leaders can improve wellbeing by focusing on each person's world, body, mind, spirit, and core.

We spent two decades in
clinical research + development
to discover something revolutionary:
true wellbeing starts with core values.
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Core Values show you + your people
how to see yourselves in a different, deeper way that impacts all wellbeing indicators —  energy, direction, belonging, and joy.

By starting with Core Values, Seity Health provides you with the framework + language to shift your organization towards a more holistic understanding and experience of wellbeing.


Seity is a system.
Seity is a service.

Personalized systems + services make all the difference.

Seity goes beyond off-the-shelf resources to help you create customized + sustainable systemic change.

By combining assessments, coaching, surveys, and analytics, the Seity system unlocks the continuous growth potential in every organization.

Using science as its backbone,
Seity’s holistic approach operates very differently than other options available today:

Seity is a whole solution for creating organizational wellbeing.

Seity expands and optimizes your existing initiatives and tools and unites them under a shared dialogue + vision of whole health.
Other wellness programs have a narrow focus.
Without truly addressing the whole person, they are often reactionary initiatives that focus on the crisis in front of them, instead of solving root cause issues.

How it works:

Mental health + wellbeing start with what’s powerful about your people…

By helping you identify and understand the Core Values within your organization, Seity provides a practical + scalable system designed to shift culture.

Whatever performance metric you are looking to improve, Seity gives you the information + professional training to do something about it from a personal value point of view — performance + wellbeing have never before been integrated at this scale. Boom.

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Key Features

What your leaders have access to

Seity Pro

Seity Pro gives you real-time data for decision-making and empathy-building.

You also gain access to organizational analytics, customizable survey systems, and other tools that help you optimize your wellbeing initiatives while protecting the privacy of your employees.

Professional Development + Training

Receive customizable Professional Development including our Whole Health Paradigm workshops and virtual conferences. By training your trainers, we equip you with leaders to internally support the wellbeing of your people.

Change Management

We facilitate the integration of your current processes into a culture of health.

That’s why we created easy-to-implement roadmaps for sustainable and continuous wellbeing for your organization.

Leadership Library

Receive downloadable digital content, video series, group content, and much more all designed to help your leaders and teams create a culture of wellbeing that works for everyone.

Seity tools easily integrate with your existing organizational processes, so it feels like organic growth (rather than one more thing to do).

School System -
Exclusive Features

Seity seamlessly integrates into your Student Information System.

Teachers see real-time student wellbeing and Core Values information on the attendance page to support students.

Key Features

What everyone has access to

Core Values + Whole Health Assessment

1) Who are you? – discover your 4 unique Core Values
2) What are you doing? – examine Lifestyle Practices in your World, Body, Mind, Spirit
3) How’s it working out for you? – Core Values + Lifestyle = Whole Health Outcomes

Launch your people on their unique path to wellbeing. The assessment identifies unique Core Values for every person, while our innovative, app-driven approach simplifies the gathering of behavioral and psychological factors that impact overall wellbeing.

Wellbeing Tools

With tools such as daily wellbeing check-ins, daily intention setting, journaling, and wellness challenges, your people can engage with wellness in the way that works best for them. 

Organizations can also create a customizable point tracking incentive system to encourage wellbeing engagement.

Seity Grow

Browse and learn from our Wellness Video Library, get bite-sized steps to whole health with Syncs, or use Stories to learn how to shape your Lifestyle Practices.

Our coaching model and resources support both individual and systemic changes in behavior, framed to each person's unique Core Values.

Seity Triage

The Seity Triage tool is customized for your organization’s unique resources.

People who are struggling are given real-time encouragement and automatically connected to resources 24/7. Instant delivery of resources can save lives and help people course correct quickly when they are struggling.

Our Results

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“Whether new to or experienced with mental health care, Seity provides users opportunity for a daily mental health check-in.  Embracing my own Core Values has enhanced my relationships both at home and at work!”

— Sarah Reede
Teacher, Los Altos School District
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"I like that Seity highlighted everyone’s uniqueness through the many different Core Value combinations. I'm blown away by the enormous amount of combinations which show the amazing diversity of people. From knowing my Core Values and living them out, my mood and productivity are elevated and I feel better about myself."

— Matt Murray
Principal, Keyes Elementary
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“Knowing their Core Values has made a huge impact on the students. The Seity program has given them a way to recover emotionally and see the good within themselves.”

— Lynn Groenveld
Alternative Education Teacher
Using 10 years of program data from our actual clients, we have seen stunning outcomes:
We amplify the positive.

25% more confident in their life’s direction

33% increase in people knowing who they are on the inside

And reduce the negative:

23% reduction in feelings of financial stress

32% decrease in feelings of high anxiety

Discover what’s possible for your organization…
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Seity supports your organization in the journey to whole health.









whole health.


mental health.


whole health.

We recognize that no one knows your organizational needs like you do.

Our framework, trainers, and educators work alongside your organizational leaders to facilitate a custom implementation. You won’t sit back and passively receive information… you’ll be guided on a journey where you steer and shape the program to address your needs and culture.

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Let's elevate mental health and create sustainable wellbeing together.
Tell us about your organization. Book a call to see how we can help you unlock the best in your people.

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true data integrity + privacy respect

We believe your information deserves the same respect and privacy protections as your medical data.

All data is de-identified to protect confidentiality and is kept secure and compliant with both US and international laws.

We will never sell or distribute your data to third parties. We only use your data to further our research on mental health and wellbeing, aka we only use your data to help you.

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How much does your service cost?

The fees are dependent on the size of your organization. Charges include licensing fees, integration and service management fees, and fees for Professional Development services.

Can we pay for this with grant funding?

Yes! The most common that are utilized are (but not limited to):

  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) I, II, III
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP)
  • Title I and Title II Funding (for training)

Our platform also satisfies Federal and State requirements such as:

  • American Rescue Plan Act 2021
  • State Education Codes related to: 
    Mental Health Education
    Multitiered Systems of Support 
    After School Education and Safety Programs
    Educator Effectiveness
    Educational Counseling 

Do you replace our current Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) or Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives?

No. We will integrate with your current initiatives without feeling like it is ‘one more thing to do’.  Our approach optimizes and creates efficiencies with current resources while making sure that all staff and/or students have access to the innovative services they need to maintain wellbeing. These services are for everyone, not just those most ‘at risk’. 

Do you provide counseling services?

No. We do not provide counseling services.  That said, our ‘Triage Feature’ does provide direct contact to current counselors, services or other Employee Assistance Programs provided by the organization. 

Is ‘scientifically validated’ the same as ‘backed by science?’

NO! Scientific validation means that we have gone through the rigor of independent university research teams developing studies to test our theories.  These studies require time (years) and effort in collecting subjects for the studies to test our hypothesis against the ‘norms’.  This research included university Institution Review Board oversight to meet the highest ethical research standards. In contrast, ‘backed by science’ means assumptions are being made on the heels of someone else’s work.  It usually has never been tested. We outsourced research to independent scientists who designed, tested, and published (in peer reviewed journals) everything included in our platform.  It is the most highly scrutinized level of utilizing data to drive decision making.  

What is the likelihood of me and another person having the same Core Values?

Any of the same set of 4 Core Values = 1 in ~11 Million…

Same set of 4 Core Values in the same order of priority = 1 in 37.9 Million! That’s 37.9 Million unique paths to wellbeing! 

Should I answer my Core Values Survey considering what inspires me now, or where I want to be in the future?

Both! The Core Values Survey is about identifying and embracing who you are NOW...which also incudes who you are becoming. They are both informational, aspirational and reliable for planning your day and future. The coolest part is that everyone is amazing at their Core and has an essential role to play in improving the world. 

How long does the Lifestyle Practices Assessment take and who sees this information?

You should plan about 20 minutes for the Lifestyle Practices Survey. This is a deep dive into your life. The more honest you are with your answers, the better…as this is the beginning of your journey to wellbeing!

For adults, NOBODY will see the results of your survey unless you share them.  Any data collected for Seity Pro Dashboards (for example) will be delivered in aggregate (in total) for the entire group.

This is not the same for student/children data.  All of their information is available down to the individual in order to help determine appropriate support by the teacher or counselor. 

Are the questions in the surveys the same for children and adults?

No, all the questions are age appropriate. Children will not get the same questions as adults. 

Will my Core Values change over time?

They may! Core Values identify what most inspires and motivates you.  Humans are dynamic, we change over time.  While it is more likely that your Core Values remain the same, they may change as your life conditions change. What’s important is that you have a reliable definition for your values to pursue your wellbeing and best life.

How often can you take the Core Values Survey?

Our recommendation is that you take the survey every 6 months. 

If you have other questions not answered here, please send a message to info@seityhealth.com 

what does


se·i·ty |  \ ˈsēətē  \  SEE-i–tee

a unique expression of one's true self : a quality particular to oneself


Did you know?

Seity was started by physicians who realized they were body experts taking care of humans who were much more complex than just their bodies.

Once they figured out how to empower the whole person, they saw incredible improvements in wellbeing… and realized they were onto something special.

Did you know?

Seity was started by physicians who realized they were body experts taking care of humans who were much more complex than just their bodies.

Once they figured out how to empower the whole person, they saw incredible improvements in wellbeing… and realized they were onto something special.

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Join our growing community of holistic wellness innovators and revolutionaries—quality information, straight to your inbox.

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